Fake Grass in Sydney the New Way To Go


Home owners like yourself dream about owning that fantastical looking front yard and back yard but for some that only stays a dream. Fake grass in Sydney offers synthetic looking lawns that look and feel similar too if not better than the real thing….

10 insects you actually want in your garden

When most people think of garden bugs they assume the kind that devour innocent plants before they can reach their prime or spread their seeds. While there are plenty of insect species that are harmful to healthy gardens there are just as many species…

The best ways to prevent plant disease

Plants are living things just like us and are able to get sick just as easily if precautions aren’t taken. Just like our homes, our gardens need to be well maintained in order to make sure the environment and everything in it remains healthy….

How to plant the correct way every time

Alright gardeners, time to be honest; how many of us really follow all of the planting directions on each and every plant? Perhaps we’re in hurry or just too lazy to do it properly, regardless these plants usually end up in a shallow hole…

How to control weeds in your garden


As a gardener you’ve probably spent a significant portion of time on weeding and the novelty of tearing out these intruders wears thin pretty quickly. Before you know it weeding has become a huge chore in the upkeep of your garden and naturally you…

How to Identify and Remove Garden Pests

Garden Pests

Garden insects and pests can often be difficult to identify and sometimes they aren’t noticed until it is too late. Being able to identify them and the damage they are doing to your garden will go a long way to keeping your backyard healthy…