How to control weeds in your garden


As a gardener you’ve probably spent a significant portion of time on weeding and the novelty of tearing out these intruders wears thin pretty quickly. Before you know it weeding has become a huge chore in the upkeep of your garden and naturally you want to find ways of reducing the time you spend doing it.

You might be surprised to know that weeds are a natural response by gardens to fill in spaces without any plants. Part of controlling weeds is training your garden not to use them anymore.

Let’s take a look at some basic steps for controlling weeds in your garden.

Leave sleeping weeds alone

Each and every square inch of a garden has weed seeds hidden underneath but only the seeds in the top layers of soil ever get germinated. When you dig a hole or manipulate the soil in some way you allow these seeds to move closer to the surface and increase the risk they will germinate.

When planting or removing something from the soil, use a fine blade and make sure to disturb as little of the soil as possible. Cutting out weeds by their roots is more effective for long-term control than digging them out.

Use mulch

Mulch is great because it works to keep the soil moist and cool as well as preventing light from reaching weeds. Good organic mulches can contain beetles and crickets that actually feast on thousands of weed seeds in your garden.

Weed when the weather is good

New gardeners likely haven’t fully adjusted to a schedule that allows them to keep on-top of weeds and it’s best for them to keep the area well-mowed until they are ready to take on the job. When it has just rained it’s best to pull out the weeds one-by-one, when it’s dry it’s better to use a hoe to cut the weeds at the roots.

Chop their heads off

If you want a quick solution that will stem the tide of weed seeds spreading through your garden, simply chop off the heads of weeds that you see around the garden. Certain types of weeds will spread their seed during certain time of year so make sure to get in there before that happens so that you efforts will be effective.

There’s nothing worse than to spend all this time decapitating weeds only to find they have already seeded the surrounding area.