The Best Way to Look After your Lawn in Summer


Summer is when you are going to get the most use out of your lawn. Whether you are hosting a party or simple just enjoying the hot sun, having a healthy lawn throughout the summer months is important.

As well as it being the time of year when it is used most, it is also a time when it needs the most care to ensure that the sun doesn’t dry it out and that it is getting the required nutrients and water at a time when rain is often of a premium.

There are a few simple measures to ensure that your grass stays looking beautiful and green for the entirety of the summer so that you can be confident your backyard will be in good condition for the next BBQ.

Mow Regularly

In the hotter months, the grass is going to grow a lot quicker than it usually would as it is getting more sun for longer periods as well as the days just being longer in general. This means that it needs to be mowed regularly in order to keep it healthy and looking good.

Ensuring it doesn’t become overgrown makes it easier to care for. Regular attention will keep the grass happy and help it to maintain a rich green colour.

Stay on Top of Weeds

Weeds are part and parcel of any backyard but staying on top on them is important to maintain a healthy garden and a beautiful look. Weeds can end up kill some of the grass by taking away nutrients. Some even attract other animals that can do damage to your grass.

Basic weed killers will be enough to remove weeds and keep them gone if they are treated swiftly. When moving, it is crucial that the weeds are removed beforehand to reduce the likelihood of spreading.

Regularly Feed and Water

In times of really hot weather, the lawn should be water every 2-3 days to maintain its colour and health. It can easily dry out in hot weather and the watering helps to both cool it and maintain moisture in the soil.

Feeding the lawn with the appropriate nutrients may be necessary if it appears to be struggling in the heat and can be identified through brownness or empty patches.